Saturday, October 29, 2011

The B1G Scoreboard (10/27-29)

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Men's Scores from 10/27/11:
Men's Scores from 10/28/11:
Women's Scores from 10/28/11:
Men's Scores from 10/29/11:
Women's Scores from 10/29/11:

Monday, October 24, 2011

UA-Huntsville to Move Program to Club Level Next Season

By Andrew Gerbosi

An end of an era has occurred today as the University of Alabama-Huntsville Men's Hockey program will no longer compete at the Division I level after this season.  UAH, the only Division I program south of the Mason-Dixon line, and host of this years Frozen Four in Tampa, will be moving the program to the club level as announced earlier today.  With many teams scrambling for conference affiliation, UAH was left out in the cold, currently finishing out their existence as an independent.  The Chargers had applied to become members of the CCHA when their previous conference announced it would be folding, but were denied.  For more information on the changes being made for the Chargers program, please see the links below:

The B1G Shakeup: The Conference Carousel & Its Ups And Downs

By Jessi Pierce

While the college hockey season is well underway, focus for many remains off the ice as the conference carousel continues to swirl round and round.

Since, what I am dubbing the "B1G Announcement" by the Big Ten last March, we have seen new conferences form and others diminish. First, here's the shakedown as it currently stands:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The B1G Scoreboard (10/20-23 Weekend)

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Men's Scores from 10/20/11:
Women's Scores from 10/20/11:

Men's Scores from 10/21/11:
Women's Scores from 10/20/11:

Men's Scores from 10/22/11:
Women's Scores from 10/22/11:

Men's Scores from 10/23/11:

    The B1G Skate Standings
    (as of 10/22)

    The Unofficial Big Ten
    Hockey Championship Trophy
    Who says we can't start keeping track now??? First, you need something to play for.  Pride, of course.  So to symbolize the pride and domination of your opponents, I give you The B1G Skate.  The unofficial winner of the Big Ten "Conference" for the first few years (until there is an actual trophy) will be presented with a personalized image of this golden skate (and you will accept it with honor and respect).  Here are the basic rules, followed by the standings:
    1. We're using a CCHA-style system.  Wins are 3 points, Ties are just a point, and losses are worthless.
    2. Any ties in the standing will come down to goal differential.  Embarrass your opponent!
    3. Since not every team plays against each other, the PPG will be the deciding factor, helping to balance out games amongst Big Ten opponents by the results in those contests.
    Now, We present you with the current standings for the 2011-2012 Big Ten Season:

    Saturday, October 22, 2011

    Cornhuskers Hockey?

    In an article, from the Lincoln Journal Star, a new ice center is to be built in Lincoln in the near future.  The more important aspect of this is the concept image of the ice center itself.  It looks to be a gorgeous two-level facility, with the lower level rink having a seating bowl and painted with the Nebraska "N" and "Nebraska Hockey" on the back wall.  Is there potential for a future conference game between the Gophers and the Huskers in Lincoln on the ice?  Who knows, but getting the rest of the conference to convert their teams to Division 1 can only benefit the Big Ten as a hockey conference.  The article link follows the jump.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    The B1G TV Schedule (as of 11/4)

    All game times are for the home team's time zone.
    (Michigan = EST, Minnesota = CST)

    2011-2012 College Hockey TV Schedule for Big Ten Schools
    Big Ten vs. Big Ten Games are in Bold

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    The B1G Scoreboard (10/15)

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    Men's Scores from 10/15/11:
    Women's Scores from 10/15:

    Friday, October 14, 2011

    The B1G Scoreboard (10/14)

    Game articles are linked once available.

    Men's Scores from 10/14/11:
    Women's Scores from 10/14/11:

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    The Butterfly Effect:
    The Creation of Big Ten Hockey

    The Big Ten Butterfly Effect
    It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world - Chaos Theory
    Congratulations Terry Pegula!  You are the butterfly that caused the typhoon across the college hockey nation, realigning the landscape that has shaped NCAA Division I hockey for decades. For some, the realignment has been devastating, resulting in the destruction of long-time conference rivalries and leaving some in dire straits to find a home.  Others through luck or pluck have found themselves a new conference to call their own as the Big Ten looks to add a hockey program to their legends and leaders board.
    Pegula and his wife Kim--owners of the Buffalo Sabres-- first rocked the boat with a generous $88 million gift to the Penn State University hockey program nearly one year ago, boosting the Nittany Lions from the American Collegiate Hockey Association (Club) to Division I status. The addition not only saw the previous 7-time ACHA National Champions move up the competitive ladder, but now gave the football dominent Big Ten a sixth hockey team, necessary by NCAA standards to form a conference.