Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Big Ten Wish List For 2014-15

Finally. Let the puck drop and let's get the season underway. Last year proved that the world didn't implode thanks to the newly elected conferences and the parity was a bit closer than most may have thought. And like all seasons last year was full of upsets and surprises much to the excitement of college hockey fans everywhere.

So what do we want to see in 2014-15? Here are a few thoughts that immediately come to mind:

1. No more inaugural -- "Inaugural Big Ten shootout" "Inaugural championship game" "Inaugural...whatever" -- the word was exhausted last year. While I can understand that yes, it was a first in the history books for Big Ten hockey, most hockey fans were over it.  Thankfully it's year two and we can put the "inaugural" to rest.

2. More experience from the Big Ten -- It was their "inaugural"(sorry) year last season. For the first time they had to up their broadcast, public relations and website to cover hockey. They definitely did a decent job, but I think they can do better. I have high hopes that they worked out any issues they ran into last year and we can expect a high quality output from the conference.

3. Better fan turnout -- Not to call our fans out, but we all have to admit, last year was a bit sad. The enthusiasm was lost and everything just felt off. We can do better. Shrug off the fact that "the Big Ten ruined everything" and let go of the fact "these aren't the teams you want to see playing each other." Go support your team in Maroon, Navy, Green, Red or White. Let's remind our favorite teams that they are still our favorite. And let's let the Big Ten conference know that we're the best fans, too.

4. More parity in the league -- For years most of these schools have dominated at the Division I level in their respective conferences. Between them there are 23 national championships and countless conference trophies -- though that's just amongst four Big Ten schools. Ohio State is on the rise and doing some great things in that program. Penn State has another D1 season under its belt and showed some serious competition in 2013-14. This season I would love to see the conference continue to balance out. It's not fun to watch an 8-0 game or see a lopsided conference tournament. Let's get back to battle hockey.

5. Creating new rivals -- Michigan/Michigan State, Minnesota/Wisconsin; those teams have been rivals for decades. Lets start getting some bad blood between new teams. Minnesota and Michigan used to have a heated rivalry before conference changes divided them once again. Ohio State and Michigan are bitter enemies on the gridiron, why not that animosity to the ice. Penn State would speak the same way, and hey, why not start something up with Minnesota or Wisconsin? Rivalries are what make this game -- and really most sports -- even better. Let's start to build that tension and make those match-ups must sees once again.

What's on your wish list for this season? Comment below or email us at And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @B1GIceHockey and Facebook for even more content. 

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