Sunday, October 23, 2011

The B1G Scoreboard (10/20-23 Weekend)

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Men's Scores from 10/20/11:
Women's Scores from 10/20/11:

Men's Scores from 10/21/11:
Women's Scores from 10/20/11:

Men's Scores from 10/22/11:
Women's Scores from 10/22/11:

Men's Scores from 10/23/11:

    The B1G Skate Standings
    (as of 10/22)

    The Unofficial Big Ten
    Hockey Championship Trophy
    Who says we can't start keeping track now??? First, you need something to play for.  Pride, of course.  So to symbolize the pride and domination of your opponents, I give you The B1G Skate.  The unofficial winner of the Big Ten "Conference" for the first few years (until there is an actual trophy) will be presented with a personalized image of this golden skate (and you will accept it with honor and respect).  Here are the basic rules, followed by the standings:
    1. We're using a CCHA-style system.  Wins are 3 points, Ties are just a point, and losses are worthless.
    2. Any ties in the standing will come down to goal differential.  Embarrass your opponent!
    3. Since not every team plays against each other, the PPG will be the deciding factor, helping to balance out games amongst Big Ten opponents by the results in those contests.
    Now, We present you with the current standings for the 2011-2012 Big Ten Season: