Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fan Feedback

So I've gotten a lot of personal feedback about Big Ten hockey, most not in favor of the conference. So what do you think? Shoot us an email at and let us know how you really feel about the new Big Ten Hockey Conference and why. Responses will be posted by the end of the week (Friday March 16). Let's hear it folks!

1 comment:

  1. Going to be honest - Not a fan of the Big Ten hockey conference. The only plus is more TV coverage with Big Ten Network.

    Now for the negatives...
    1. Being a Michigan hockey season ticket holder I enjoyed seeing teams like Notre Dame, Miami, Western, etc coming to Yost. The new conference has spiraled the college hockey world out of control. What made college hockey special was big schools competing closely with little schools. How will non-conference scheduling work?
    2. I don't think a 6 team conference it really "legit". Two perfectly good conferences were destroyed (with the CCHA dying completely). How many times will we be playing the same teams over and over again? At least with the CCHA we had 10 more teams to play...with Big Ten we only have 5. As much as I hate MSU, playing them so many time gets boring.
    3. Where will the championship be played? Will it move around? WIll it always be at Xcel? Since that seems to be where everything seems to end up.

    I would support a Big Ten Hockey conference if at least 10 of the Big Ten schools had teams.