Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Coming Back -- B1Gger and Better Than Ever

That's right, after taking a season off from college hockey we decided we can't leave our loyal readers hanging just like that (plus, we missed bantering college hockey with you puckheads).

But we don't want come back in 2017-18 with the same old content, and we certainly don't want to miss anything from any of our Big Ten teams. That's why we're asking you fans for some input: What do you want to from this blog?

Should we offer better preseason coverage? Do you want to get a better look at incoming rookies? A better analysis of each game each week along with a game of the week? Should we have our own power rankings (conference and all DI)? Should we continue to have the same approach of pros and cons on the Big Ten as a whole?

In addition to content changes, we will be giving this website as well as our social media pages (@b1gicehockeyblog and B1G Ice Hockey Blog on Facebook) a much-needed facelift (so long 2011 vibe). We also want to get some extra writers on hand. We can't pay you but it never hurts to get your byline out there. Ideally we'd have a writer or two in each college town, so shoot me an email if you have some interest (see below).

We want to continue to be a mouthpiece for our fans, while also supporting a conference that has changed the college hockey landscape. We can only grow with the help of our readers, so share your feedback and help us take B1G Ice Hockey Blog to the next level.

Jessi Pierce (@jessi_pierce;
B1G Ice Hockey Blog creator/editor/BAMF

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